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Aarika Chroma Industries Pvt. Ltd., expertise in catering to diverse industries utilizing our decade-long experience in powder coating solutions is the elixir of our business success and customer delight.

AARIKA has come up with trouble shooting solutions, which help ensuring better powder coating solutions for our customers. AARIKA is equipped to resolve complex issues and offer supreme quality, long-lasting powder coating solutions as well as tips and tricks - thanks to our:

  • Infrastructural Excellence,
  • Process Excellence,
  • Product Excellence, and
  • Delivery Excellence.

Trouble Shooting in Powder Coating Applications

  • Check whether the powder coating substrate is free from oil, dust, welding and oxide scales (corrosion).
  • Fix the Powder Coating gun parameters as recommended, this may vary depending upon the finish & polymer
  • Ensure the components are of 7-Stage Process and free of residue of chemicals, which results in powder coating peel off.
    • The 7-Stage process ensures the more bonding between substrate & paint, which results more durable powder coated product.
  • Confirm the powder is free from contaminations, after every use.
  • Store Powder Coating powders in a cool environment.
  • Test Pre-treatment baths such as TDS of water, PH values before processing.
  • Maintain powder coating thickness between 70 and 100 Microns.

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