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Aarika Chroma Industries Pvt. Ltd., is a well-known name as supreme quality powder coating manufacturer and supplier among our customers, as we meet out specific jobs with specific quantity as well as quality coating solutions.We cater to customer jobs with our diverse coating materials and unique solutions. Choose from an array of distinctive power coating solutions that best suits your requirements and we always stand by you to select the appropriate option.


Powder coating should be not just for decorative purpose, but functional as well offering protective finish to a wide range of materials and products. ACI ensures one final outcome: Uniform, durable, quality, and attractive powder coating solution for discerned customers! ACI’s multi-functional powder coating technologies offer answers to just about any application challenge. ACI’s range of powder coating formulas is economical as well as backed by some of the industry's best experience, cutting-edge technology and technical service.


Aarika Chroma Industries Pvt. Ltd., manufactures a diverse range of special effects powder coatings to fulfil unique requirements from our discerned customers. Aesthetics, top quality and endurance are some of the assurances from ACI, when it comes to special effects coatings. Aarika Chroma Industries Pvt. Ltd., metallic effect powder coatings range from mica and aluminium metallic, to unique special effect powder coatings. Our metallic powder coatings surpass demanding specifications, and offer significant consistency to enhance application. The special effects coatings comprise gloss and colour options to meet custom requirements.

Want to develop customized colours with minimal quantity?