Epoxy Polyester Powder Coatings


  • Free from toxic and non-solvent
  • Better adhesive power, impact strength and toughness
  • Superior indoor durability
  • Supreme quality


  • Premier Quality Material
  • Diverse Shades and Textures
  • Superior Finish
  • Long-lasting
TAMIRAS provides super-rich epoxy polyester powder coating. The epoxy-polyester powder coatings are recommended for general applications like Ceiling fans, indoor furniture and elevators and suitable for all products which don’t require more stability on chemical, UV resistant. For use of requiring ultimate heat stability and outside durability polyester powder should be used. The coating has slight orange peel. Most glossy finishes are based on this.
Epoxy-polyester powder coatings support a mixture of polyester and epoxy resins. The curing schedule is normally 12-15 minutes or 170-180 deg C metal temperature. Acrylic powder is fixed once ornamental needs square measure bigger and extended ultraviolet light resistance is crucial. Much high-visibility automotive trim and exterior elements square measure coated with polyester and acrylic powder coatings. The analysis unconcealed a negative influence of coating surface texture on coating thickness and consequently a scarcity of barrier and adhesion properties. The epoxy-polyester powder coating showed a far better performance than the polyester coating.

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