• Non-toxic, non-solvent and non-volatile
  • Better adhesive power, impact strength and toughness
  • High corner coverage
  • Supreme quality


  • Fine Finish
  • Excellent Leveling
  • Optimum Strength
Tamiras Casting Powder coatings result in a smooth, levelled as well as quality powder coated layer. One of the major challenges in powder coat of casting parts, whether it is sand casting or die casting is outgassing. Gases might become cornered throughout the casting method or fashioned once the liquefied metal is cooled. During paint application, these gases square measure generally discharged which ends in pinholes or bubbles outgassing on the surface of the half. When solvents or mould release agents are not properly removed, they can vaporize during the casting powder coating process and create tiny pinholes in the finished coating.
AARIKA being the noted manufacturer additionally as the provider of casting powder coatings, that might extend the helpful lifetime of the casting. Outgassing can occur when a powder coating is applied over a cast metal surface iron, steel, aluminium, brass. Outgassing can occur when some powder coatings are applied in heavy film thickness in a single coat. Substituting the casting material with one that has less gassing problems may be a sleek answer.

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