What will be approximate cost for setting up a powder coating plant?

It is purely depends on sizes, consumables and equipment that you are interested. For example, for an oven size measuring, 6 ft Breadth, 8 ft height, and 12 ft length with standard accessories like Gema Gun or Wagner Gun, 5HP Compressor, and trolleys, it costs around 10 Lakhs. If you are planning to go for a conveyor type oven, it will cost you more. If your purchase local-made powder coating gun, it costs half of the price when comparing to Gema or Wagner. So, on the whole it depends on what product you choose.

What are the major factors of pin holes?

Pin holes commonly happen because of the compatibility issues (mixing of powders, contaminations, etc.). In glossy finish when the product is coated with more than 100 microns, there will be a possibility of micro pin holes. In structure finish, when coating thickness falls below the recommended thickness level it leads to pin holes.we recommend to have a minimum thickness of 80 microns on structure finishes.